DOGS! Waiting to Be Loved is a family-friendly animated film that takes place in a rescue shelter where a myriad mutts await adoption. Some of them are anxious, some of them are excited, some of them are even sad, but they all want to go home with a human companion – they are all Waiting to Be Loved.
As the story opens, the dogs are getting ready for their “big audition” – the day when folks tour the facility to pick out a pet. Will they be lucky and get chosen to live in a real home, or will they end up abandoned and alone, perhaps the next to die?
Hawaii Production Consultant: 
Connie M. Flores

THE MAGE explores the true nature of power throughout time – past, present and future – through the adventures of occult hero ERICH FRANKE as he fights the evil BLACK LODGE. A secret society composed of captains of industry and powerful politicians skilled in Black magic, the Lodge presents a formidable opponent. From Nazi Germany to ancient Egypt, from upper-crust London society to the back alleys of Cairo, we follow Erich The Mage as he attempts to vanquish evil in its many forms.

Produced in association with Jennifer A. Klein, our core team’s combined credits include award-winning films, mini-series, and
specials aired on ABC-TV, HBO, USA Network, England’s ITV and Channel Four, France’s Canal Plus, China’s CCTV, and in
more than 30 countries around the globe.



DOGS! Waiting to be loved


Current Projects

Breaking down the walls

I asked myself this question as I finished reading Norma’s book. I asked myself again as I heard so many actresses discussing gender inequality in Hollywood. And I repeated the question to myself as the TV news blared on about the 2016 Presidential election and how women will decide the vote.

So here’s my news – I’m developing a feature film based on Norma Yaeger’s memoir Breaking Down the Walls. As the first woman stockbroker on Wall Street to walk the floor of the New York Stock Exchange way back in 1962, Norma’s shattered so many glass ceilings, it’s a wonder she’s still standing. But she is, my friend. In fact, one of my favorite Norma quotes is, “The sky is not the limit. As you expand, so does your world.” I couldn’t agree more!

A mysterious kidnapping in Old Hong Kong Harbor more than 150 years ago…an antique Chinese fan laden with gold and pearls…a rich Haole dynasty family in Hawaii. These clues lead Emily Peters across time and this strange old Chinese cemetery in the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Guarded by Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Protectress of Mothers and Children… What clues lay buried deep among this sea of grave markers?  Will Emily finally solve the mystery of her kidnapped son and save another innocent man from being murdered?

Victoria Larimore | Writer | Director | Producer


KARMA…..No One Escapes!

What if Horatio Alger had been a woman?

To learn more about Norma’s amazing life and read excerpts and reviews of her book, please visit
Spanning the most popular genres, our tales of historical and fictional characters, action, espionage, magic and the supernatural appeal to a wide international demographic.
Emily consults the I Ching and the Tarot for answers.But in the end, she learns that all answers
lie within and... BEYOND the VEIL.
This Web series explores the theme that ultimately our lives are the sum of our choices. As KARMA’s creator, Victoria ventures across time and space, where situations and locations and even characters may change. No matter, there is but one eternal truth: our destiny is shaped by the choices we make, no matter who or where we are. And there are, indeed, consequences…

Inspired by the iconic “Twilight Zone” series, KARMA is TV re-imagined for the 21st Century. Each tale features a well-respected actor, star athlete or famous musician set in an atmosphere of suspense and mystery  evoked by imagery, lighting, and the power of suggestion.
The franchise is designed for international series television and multi-platform distribution. THE MAGE core team consists of
franchise creator Victoria Larimore and Producer Jennifer A. Klein. Combined credits include award-winning films, mini-series,
and specials aired on ABC-TV, HBO, USA Network, England’s ITV and Channel Four, France’s Canal Plus, China’s CCTV, and
in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Solving the Past-Life Mystery…

Victoria Larimore | Writer | Director | Producer © 2015 | All Rights Reserved.

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Victoria (screenwriter/lyrics) has teamed with Broadway composer Norman Thalheimer and Grammy/Golden Globe
songwriter & producer Charlie Midnight to craft original songs that enhance this timeless tale of the unconditional love
between people and their dogs.