Victoria Larimore | Writer | Director | Producer © 2015 | All Rights Reserved.

Writing Credits

Hawaii Production Consultant: 
Connie M. Flores

Original Screenplays
Manhattan Meat (comedy, semi-finalist, Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship; optioned by Hemdale, then developed by Adam Fields Prods.)
Animal Behavior (erotic drama, optioned by indy producer Arturro Rotatorri)
Beyond the Veil (psychic thriller, co-production with China, Lynn Tang, Exec Producer)
The Mage: Wewelsburg Castle (historical drama/thriller, now in development as an international TV series)
Over the Hill? (comedy, co-written with David Dursten; optioned by Kathy Bates)
Say Goodnight (thriller, one section of feature film anthology for Beigel Entertainment)
DOGS! Waiting to Be Loved (feature film with original music; in development)

Screenplay Adaptations

The Bluest Eye (drama, adaptation of Toni Morrison novel; for American Playhouse)
The Lager (historical action, adapted from the novel, A Tale of Two Centuries; for Caravan Pictures)
24 Hours AM/PM (comedy, adapted from a collection of short plays by famous TV writers; commissioned by GuerilLA Theatre)
Feature Film Script Rewrite/Script Doctor
Expose the Dark (thriller, Geoffrey de Valois, Director/Producer)
Love Bite, Sun Brite (romantic comedy, Kostos Kostopolous, Producer/Director)
The Businessman (action/drama, Vitaly Koslov, Producer)
Loveless: Greta Garbo (bio pic/drama, Yelena Potter, Producer)

TV Pilots, Scripted
Open House (co-written with Andrea Mezvinsky; produced by Norton Abraham)
The Mage: Wewelsburg Castle (historical thriller, under option to Magical Pictures)

TV Bibles, Scripted
Karma (anthology thriller; 9 original scripts; in pre-production, Zoran Dragelj, Producer)
Open House (co-written with Andrea Mezvinsky)
The Mage (under option to Magical Pictures)
The Marianos (co-written with Romina Arena)

Film & TV Treatments, Scripted
Breaking Down the Walls (bio pic feature film, based on the memoir by Norma Yaeger)
Destiny (bio pic feature film, developed for 20 th Century Fox)
The Eye of Horus (historical adventure feature film, under option, Magical Pictures)
Wafa’s Arab Spring (historical drama, based on the memoir The Road From Morocco; W. F. Hallam, Producer)
The Taj Mahal (historical drama, feature film; developed for Skyline Pictures)
St. Nino (historical drama, feature film;” Yelena Potter, Producer)

TV Bibles & Treatments, Non-Scripted

Ilye Aie (commissioned by “Talking Heads” David Byrne and produced for the PBS series “Alive from Off-Center”)
Conscious Living (Lifestyle show developed for Lucky 13 Prods.)

Non-Scripted Films

The Amish: Not to Be Modern (A&E, PBS, broadcast in 20 countries; CINE Golden Eagle, HUMANITAS Award)
Gloria: A Case of Police Brutality (Docudrama; produced for PBS, Global Village Prize-Winner)

Non-Scripted Broadcast TV
Looking East (Two episodes of the TV series on Discovery)
Yue-Sai’s World (One episode of the TV series on CCTV & satellite TV)
Star Vision (TV Pilot)
Hidden Realm (TV pilot)

Sawed in Half (co-written with Andrea Mezvinsky; nominated for three Fringe Festival awards)
Angel Dog (premiered at The Producers Club, Theatre Row, NYC)

Story and/or Script Consultant
Song of the Lorelei (Biopic feature film, Maverick Film & TV)
Saying Kaddish (one-hour drama special, ABC-TV; Emmy nomination)
Women of the Left Bank (feature docudrama for the BBC; released theatrically)
Love-n-Lust (dramedy Web series)